Pastorate Committee

Christianagaram Pastorate Committee is to assist Christianagaram pastorate chairman. Pastorate Committee members are elected once in four years. According to the rules of Diocese, those who are confirmed and take communion at least thrice in a year, pay Sangam of Rs. 150/- per year and not less than 21 years old are eligible to vote. If there are fifty communicants one member will be elected for the pastorate committee . Each Diocesan Institute will elect a number for the pastorate committee. Elementary Schools will elect two members elected from Christianagaram Pastorate will also be members of Christianagaram Pastorate Committee. Christianagaram Pastorate Committee members, Higher Secondary School representatives, Elementary School representatives, Pastorate Catechist representatives and Diocesan Council members of Christianagaram Pastorate Committee.

Council Chairman

The Council Chairman is the President of the church council. He directs the church council meeting. He solves the problems with in the council. He is transferred after five years. The place where the church council chairman doing ministry is the head quarters of that council. The major role of the church council chairman is sending the decisions made are the councils to the Diocesan Executive Committee.

Pastorate Chairman

A pastorate has four churches and a chairman. The pastorate chairman is the head of the pastorate. He is the Chairman of all institutions situated in the pastorate area. He is the Chairman of the Governing Boards of the Institutions. He is the Correspondent of Elementary School. He appoints teachers in the above-mentioned schools. He receives the government grant through Diocesan Office and distribute to the teachers. He gives transfer orders and orders of dismiss. Pastorate Chairman is the president of Pastorate Committee, property Committee and educational standing committee. The pastorate chairman conducts daily church service, Festival services, communion services and Baptism services and gives special sermons. He also makes arrangements for convention meeting, Revival meetings, Prayer meeting, Fasting prayer meeting, All Night prayer meeting an evangelical meetings. The church catechists are helpful in arranging these meetings. There is a treasures and secretary. Diocesan committee members and pastorate committee members also have some importer roles in the church work. The pastorate chairman visits the other churches of the pastorate and conducts communion service once in month. He also participates in other important functions of the church. He prepares the list of candidates for appointment at the pastorate level. Christianagaram pastorate has an assistant pastor.

Member of Diocesan Council (DC)

Members are elected in the ratio of 1500:1 that is one member for 1500 communicants. So Christianagaram has three Diocesan Committee members. These three members will take for the welfare of Christianagaram Church in the Diocesan Council Committee.

Pastorate Secretary

When the members assemble for the first pastorate committee, they elect one member as the secretary. He acts as the secretary for four years. The Secretary will sign decision made by the committee. Then only the Decisions will be accepted. The secretary takes care of the church and schools and he supervises them.

Pastorate Treasurer

Pastorate Committee members will elect a member as the Treasurer. He is responsible for all the income and expenses of the church. In the absence of the pastor, the treasure will receive grant from the Diocesan office for the teachers. He writes the accounts of offertory and other income. He pays pastorate assessment to the Diocese every month.